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that proactively responds to the quality-of-life crimes that most affect our community. Studies show that Diamond Bar is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in California and, if elected, I want to keep it that way.


I will ensure that the City continues to invest in securing dedicated deputies and increased patrols for Diamond Bar and, most importantly, will continue the highly effective Suppression Patrol Program. In addition, I want to further strengthen the bonds between our residents and those that serve and protect by sponsoring Neighborhood Watch groups in my District and regularly hosting Coffee with a Cop and “Let’s Talk Public Safety” forums.

With my endorsement from the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs and Los Angeles County Firefighters Local 1014, I am proud to say that I am public safety's only choice for Diamond Bar City Council, District 4.


that increases the frequency of holiday celebrations and local festivals offered and sanctioned by the City.


Diamond Bar residents have long asked for diversified, accessible and affordable recreational activities. I would like to pursue grants and partnerships that increase the City’s capacity to provide free or subsidized programming for children and seniors through the seasonal Recreation Guide. In addition, residents comment that many traditional City events have been phased out over the years. Principally, I would like to restart our annual 4th of July holiday festival and municipal fireworks show.


When residents connect, they become stakeholders in their community and are more likely to invest their care, concern and interest in making Diamond Bar a better and more welcoming place for all, especially in a community as diverse as ours.


that help mitigate congestion and pass-through traffic. Diamond Bar is at the confluence of the 57-60 and, as a result, experiences a tremendous amount of traffic congestion.


I would like to explore bringing regional transportation options for seniors to Diamond Bar and updating our traffic systems to better synch with traffic patterns. I would also like to continue working with surrounding communities, Union Pacific, METRO, CalTrans and various other stakeholders to coordinate the upgrading of major corridors in surrounding cities to provide alternate routes for commuters that would otherwise use Diamond Bar as a pass-through.


Additionally, I would like to better connect our community to area transportation hubs and the new light rail projects coming to nearby cities; this includes direct bus routes to the Gold Line Station in Pomona and Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, protected and dedicated bike lanes etc.


that allows our residents to dine, shop and play all right here in Diamond Bar.


As a young city, Diamond Bar was designed, from the start, as a master-planned bedroom community. As a result, Diamond Bar has always provided the housing, while surrounding communities, namely Pomona, Chino Hills and Industry, have provided the retail and commerce.

As the Founder and CEO of my own company that employs 7 people, I am the only candidate in this race that is a part of the region’s business community. I deal with coordinating international, intrastate and interstate logistics, shipping, taxes, licensing, regulations, making payroll and the numerous other responsibilities small, independent business owners must navigate every single day. My whole business is dot-com, and I have extensive experience in coordinating complicated logistics and supply chain issues to secure and move my goods efficiently and cost-effectively all over the US. I understand what municipalities, the County, the State and federal government can do to make it easier to put people to work and allow business to thrive. As your Councilman, I will work to improve efficiencies and bring cost-effective solutions to meet residents' concerns and needs.


As Councilman, I will fully support and work to implement the “Downtown Diamond Bar” concept. One of the major hurdles to this endeavor is the sheer amount of property owners within the project area. As an entrepreneur and businessman, I have the tested and proven experience of bringing parties together, reaching agreements and getting things done. It will take a businessman to make this project happen, and I am that candidate!

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